Panda PUTF03 series | Time difference handheld ultrasonic flowmeter

Panda PUTF03 series

The time difference handheld ultrasonic flowmeter adopts the working principle of the time difference method, and the sensor tube is clamped outside, without the need for interception or disconnection. It is easy to install, and easy to calibrate and maintain. Three pairs of sensors, large, medium, and small, can measure common pipes of different diameters. Due to its small size, convenient portability, and fast installation, it is widely used in mobile measurement, measurement and testing, data comparison, and other occasions.

Technical characteristics:

● Small size, easy to carry;

● Optional built-in data storage;

● The measurable fluid temperature range is -40 ℃~+260 ℃;

● Non contact external installation without the need for interception or pipe breakage;

● Suitable for bidirectional flow velocity measurement from 0.01m/s to 12m/s.

● Built in rechargeable lithium battery, full capacity battery can work continuously for 14 hours;

● Four line display, which can display flow rate, instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, and instrument operating status on one screen;

● By selecting different models of sensors, it is possible to measure the flow rate of pipes with a diameter of DN20-DN6000;

Post time: May-30-2024