Shanghai Panda Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. has once again been awarded the Shanghai Municipal Design Innovation Center!

Recently, Shanghai Panda Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. was once again awarded the title of Municipal Design Innovation Center by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, which is another affirmation of our panda's continuous efforts and outstanding achievements in the field of design innovation.

Shanghai Panda Group, as the leading enterprise in the integration of smart water services with the most comprehensive software and hardware, has always been committed to technological innovation and product design optimization in smart water services. Adhere to independent innovation to cultivate core competitiveness, collaborate with domestic and foreign industry experts and software and hardware professional technical talents, establish the first smart water practice base in the country, use hydraulic simulation technology, design and verify smart water solutions. Comprehensively layout 12 major system industrial chains, including digital twin, smart water purification, smart control, smart water plants, smart sensing, smart integration, smart water pumps, smart fire protection, smart drainage, smart circulation, smart metering, and smart water supply, deeply integrate applications, establish industry benchmarks, and lead the new development of China's smart water industry.

The recognition of the municipal design innovation center is not only a recognition of our Panda Group's design innovation, but also a recognition of its contribution to promoting industry technological progress and upgrading. The achievement of this honor will not only motivate the company to continue increasing research and development investment, strengthen cooperation and communication with advanced domestic and foreign enterprises, introduce more advanced technologies and design concepts, but also promote the upgrading and technological innovation of the company's products.

In the future, as a municipal level design innovation center in Shanghai, Shanghai Panda Group will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "gratitude, innovation, and efficiency", adhere to market demand orientation, and drive technological innovation to continuously improve design innovation capabilities and levels. Actively leverage the leading and demonstrative role of municipal design innovation centers, promote the widespread application of new technologies and processes in the water industry, establish close cooperative relationships with upstream and downstream enterprises, universities, and research institutions, and jointly build an innovation ecosystem in the water industry, contributing to the high-quality development of smart water in China.

Congratulations once again on Shanghai Panda Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. winning the title of Shanghai Municipal Design Innovation Center! Panda, tomorrow will definitely be better!


Post time: May-10-2024